Slimline hot-water radiantSlimline™ baseboard is the cutting edge in heating development. The baseboard, which measures only 5 1/8" high X 1" deep, complimentsany décor. In wood or carpeted floor applications where radiant floor systems are less effective, Slimline is the perfect alternative to maintain a completely radiant system. Slimline is designed to force heat across the floor and maintain a higher temperature at floor level while not allowing the heat to stratify up underneath the ceiling.

Slimline™ utilizes a strictly radiant delivery principle to optimize efficiency creating a system up to 40% more efficient than other heating products. In fact, Slimline™ baseboard can be even more efficient and comfortable than a radiant floor system in many applications. Slimline

The Slimline™ panels are constructed with only the highest quality materials. Two 3/8" copper pipes are fastened into the aluminum extruded panel utilizing a heat conductive paste to ensure optimal heat transfer.

The A.I.M. Fin Tube baseboard offers a very sleek modern look along with the option to paint the baseboard to match any décor in your home. The baseboard panels only stand 7 3/8” high and extend only 2 11/16” out from the wall when set in flush against it.

The baseboard panels are designed specifically for fast and low cost installation. The panel on the back of the baseboard stands unassisted so everything can be attached to the wall by one person making the installation process extremely easy.

To view a clip of a Slimline Installation or to download the Slimline Installation Manual click below:

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