A.I.M. features both PEX (cross-linked polyethelene) and multi-layer PEX-AL-PEX(cross-linked polyethelene-aluminum-cross-linked polyethelene) pipes.

PEX pipe has been proven with years of dependable service life in several million installations world wide. Many different types of materials have been tried as radiant heat pipe, but none with the success of PEX .

Due to the fact that most all of the pipe installations are covered and not accessible, if there are product failures it is a very difficult and costly repair. Because of these facts it is A.I.M.ís recommendation that whether A.I.M. or another manufacturer is chosen by the contractor or end user to supply material for a radiant heating job the product should definitely be either PEX or PEX-AL-PEX .

A.I.M. has supplied several million feet of pipe, all of which was either PEX or PEX-AL-PEX , and has never had a failure related to material or workmanship of the pipe. PEX pipe was the first generation of plastic radiant heating pipe.

The manufacturing processes and technologies have advanced to yield PEX-AL-PEX which is a PEX inner and outer layer with a center layer of aluminum. The aluminum layer promotes better heat transfer through the pipe and acts as an impermeable oxygen barrier so that air cannot enter the system.

Tubing_bluered_pic.pngA.I.M. sells two types of Radiant Floor Tubing. Both types are cross-linked PEX with oxygen diffusion barrier. Why should you have this oxygen diffusion barrier? The oxygen diffusion barrier prevents oxygen to permeate in to the tubing system. Oxygen within the water is what begins to rust all the major metal components of your system including the boiler, circulators and valves. Using a tubing system that has an oxygen diffusion barrier will enhance the life of your components.


Tubing Components

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