Insulation is a critical part of any radiant heating installation. Installing radiant heat without insulation will not give the desired result of your application.Under Concrete Application
Typically the amount that would be spent on insulation will generally pay for itself within the first year of installation.

A.I.M. Radiant Heating offers several types of insulation to meet the needs of virtually any type of application. We offer insulation for Under Concrete applications which reduce slab reaction time by up to 50%, which will help greatly reduce heating costs.

A.I.M. offers 3 different types of Radiant Barrier Insulation that will meet the need of any type application. The Radiant Barriers are designed to reduce costs in the summer by keeping cold air in, and in the winter by keeping warm air in, which helps reduce living costs and increases comfort.

Between Joist Application A.I.M. also offers different types of Reflective Barrier Insulation which will meet the need of any type application. Reflective insulation plays an important role of a buildings insulating properties. Up to 65% of all heat transfer can be attributed to radiant energy. Inferno reflective insulation can block up to 96% of this transfer. This will not only save money but it will also result into a better and more comfortable living environment.

Insulation BoardA.I.M. not only offers all of the insulation needed to meet the needs of any application but we also provide the tapes that would be needed to complete the job. Reflective Tape is extremely durable and easy to use. The tape provides a perfect vapor barrier seal and can be used on all of the Inferno insulation. The tapes are available in white polyethylene for sub-freezing temperatures and aluminum for maintaining heat.

UnderConcrete BFB InsulationInferno BFB Insulation- which is specifically designed for use under concrete applications. This particular insulation is the only one on the market with a Bubble/Foil/Bubble configuration. It is used for radiant heat in concrete floors, sub-floor applications, duct wrap under concrete or for radiant heating an asphalt driveway for snowmelt.
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Inferno PB Insulation Inferno PB Insulation- is a layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded to a sheet of metalized Aluminum on one side, and a layer of white polyethylene on the other side. PB Insulation is able to improve slab heat loss efficiency by 50%. The white polyethylene tape forms a continuous insulator and vapor barrier.
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Inferno Insulation Board Inferno Insulation Board- has all of the most widely used insulation materials combined into one product. Consisting of 2 mil polyethylene sheet bonded to an industrial-strength bubble-pack, a sheet of metalized aluminum all laminated to a sheet of 2 lbs. density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. The polyethylene is a barrier against both methane and radon. This particular Inferno Insulation Board applies to all forms of heat transfer. It is able to reflect heat towards the living space and is able to prevent heat loss through conduction and heat transfer.
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RS and PRS Barriers Inferno RS and PRS Insulation- is designed to be a reflective sheet made up of a single layer of woven polyethylene material bonded to and put between 2 radiant barrier surfaces. The PRS is a perforated roll where the RS is not. These particular radiant barriers help reduce costs in the summer by keeping cold air in, and in the winter by keeping warm air in, thus reducing living costs and increasing comfort. They not only serve as a radiant barrier but as a vapor barrier as well.
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Inferno House Wrap Inferno House Wrap Insulation- is a single layer of metalized aluminum laminated to a formulated blend of Polyethylene or durability and performance. The Inferno House Wrap is usually installed over wood or insulating sheathing, and under siding or other exterior covering. The Inferno House Wrap is a protective barrier against air infiltration and unwanted liquid moisture. The wrap also increases wall insulation by 20% and stops 96% of all radiant heat transfer.
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RB Insulation Barrier Inferno RB Insulation- is single or double layer of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between 2 reflective sheets. This type of insulation is ideal for commercial and residential applications, and is ideal for wall and ceiling insulation, crawl space, or any manufactured housing.
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RE Insulation Barrier Inferno RE Insulation- is a double layer of polyethylene bubble sandwiched between 2 highly reflective aluminum sheets. This particular insulation was designed to insulate commercial and residential applications, helping reduce the amount of radiant heat transfer.
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BetweenJoistInsulation Inferno Between Joist Insulation- is a double layer of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between two reflective sheets with convenient staple flanges, for easy stapling to framing joists.
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InsulationTape A.I.M. Radiant Heating, offers 2 kinds of Inferno adhesive insulation tapes, White Polyethylene for sub-freezing temperatures and Aluminum for maintaining heat. Our tape is quick stick at any normal temperature and performs great under below freezing temperatures. The tapes are resistant to moisture, flame spread, and smoke generation and can help maintain a complete seal in radiant barrier systems.

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