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Panel Radiators

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A.I.M. radiators help bring a modern look to any radiator heating applications. We offer several types of radiators available in a wide range of heat outputs, sizes, and finishes to match any décor of the home. Not only are the specially designed radiators more modern then the older more conventional cast iron radiators they are more efficiant as well.

Due to the increasing energy costs A.I.M. Panel Radiators are designed to save energy and money, by having faster heat up time and using smarter controls on each unit.

All A.I.M. radiators are for use in any closed loop system. A.I.M. Radiators are available in 5 different distinct styles. We offer the regular steel panel radiator with or without a internal valve control. We also have the low surface temperature radiators, column radiators, or several styles of our popular décor Flat panel radiators.

Panel PanelRad
A.I.M. Panel Radiators are available in heights of 12, 16, 24 and 28 inches with outputs ranging from 1,243-13,000 Btu/hr depending on the length and height of the panel. The panels are able to deliver 2-4 times the heat output of conventional baseboards and are also more attractive for the décor of the home. There are over 102 sizes, with the choices of single panel single convector; double panel single convector and double panel double convector.

PanelRadiators IIPanel Radiator II
The A.I.M. Panel Radiators II are available in heights of 12, 20, 24 inches and 15 ¾ -78 ¾ inches wide. The output ranges from 2,800-16,000 Btu/hr. The A.I.M. Panel Radiators II has the capability of replacing up to 29 feet of baseboard. There are 6 separate options for connections making the desired location of the radiator extremely versatile.

Vertical Tube Style– this design features straight round tubes available in a nominal height of 60” and 79” with the width being 14.5” for both. The Vertical Tube Style offers a size range of 3,170-4,227 Btu/hr.

Cylinder Style- this space saving design features an internal coil and is perfect for when floor space is limited. The Cylinder Style is offered in one size with a nominal height of 72” and a width of 7.5” with an output of 1,447 Btu/hr.

Flat Tube Syle– this style offers a classic flat tube design. The Flat Tube Syle comes in two widths of 11 ½” and 13 3/8” with a nominal height of 79” offering a range of 2,330-2,719 Btu/hr.

LowSurfaceTemperatureRadiators2pic.png LowSurfaceTemperatureRadiators The A.I.M. Low Surface Temp Radiators were designed for special applications that would be used in nursery schools, nursing homes, or hospitals. Most traditional radiators could have surface areas of up to 160 °F, while the Low Surface Temp Radiator have a surface area of less then 110 °F. It is available in heights of 22, 26, 34 and 38 inches and in lengths of 24-79 inches. The Low Surface Temperature Radiator I is 4 7/32" wide and its output is 985-5,607 Btu/hr. The A.I.M. Low Surface Temperature Radiator II is 6 3/16" wide and its output is 1,930-9,908 Btu/hr.

ColumnRadiatorpic3.png ColumnRadiator
A.I.M. Column Radiators offer a contemporary look to a traditional style of radiator. The radiator will match any décor wheather it be a traditional or contemporary interior. The column radiators have few weld lines giving the column radiator a much smoother look then the column radiators in the past. It is offered in high quality steel with white epoxy polyster powder coating. The column radiators are available in 35 different sizes 12 to 72 inches in width and 12, 18 and 24 inches high.

DesignerStylePic4.png DesignerRadstext.png

Radiator Style– available in single panel single convector or double panel double convector. The radiator style comes in 6, 8, and 10 flat panel tube heights. These radiators are available in 24-71 inches in length with a heat output of 3,565-28,391 Btu/hr.

Baseboard Style-available in 2, 3, or 4 flat panels with the heights being 6-12 inches high. The baseboard style radiators are able to put out 40% -130% more heat then conventional baseboards, with an output of 1,561-10,282 Btu/hr.

Baseboard(with base) Style– this particular style radiator is similar to the baseboard style radiator except the baseboard II style has the capability of reaching an output of 19,552 Btu/hr. This style has a second set of flat panel tubes on the backside as well. This style is available in 2 and 4 panel versions.

Perpendicular Style– in this style the panels are vertical and perpendicular to the wall. It is available in its standard height of 79 inches and 8-21 tubes, spaced 1-5/8" apart and a width of 12 to 33 inches and a heat output of 7,110 –18,663 Btu/hr.

Vertical Style– in this style the panels are just turned vertical instead of vertical and perpendicular making a wall heater. The vertical style radiator comes in 6,8, and 10 panels wide which is 18-30 inches wide, with an output of 6,648-11,079 Btu/hr.

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