Residential Oil Fired Boiler
The Oiled-Fired Boiler contains extra deep sections allowing for larger water content and increased water surface area in the boiler. The Boiler is able to maintain a higher water temperature for a greater length of time after the burner has stopped firing, giving it maximum efficiency. The Boiler has more room for the combustion process, and a longer chamber allowing for cleaner combustion. This also helps in the reduction of incomplete combustion, the longer chamber also aids in the reduction of noise during this operation.

A.I.M. Residential DownFire Boiler
A.I.M. Radiant Heating has 2 series of Inferno Down Fire Boilers. We offer the Inferno Down Fire I, which has a nominal output of up to 118,000 BTU/HR with LP and natural gas and 121,295 BTU/HR with oil. The Inferno Down Fire II, which is slightly larger offers a nominal BTU output of up to 166,985 BTU/HR with LP or natural gas and 163,596 BTU/HR with oil. The Inferno Down Fire Boilers fire vertically downward. This design allows for the fire to lengthen, by avoiding any type of distortion of any kind. It also enables the hottest part of the flame to be in contact with the fire tube to help increase in heat transfer.

Velocity Water Heaters The Inferno Velocity and Ultra Velocity water heaters are able to save consumers a tremendous amount of money on their hot water heating costs. The special design of these heaters avoid having the costly storage of hot water by only producing the hot water when there is demand for it, which saves on hot water costs year round. The Inferno Velocity Water Heater Series is not only able to save the consumer money, it is incredibly easy to install. The heaters weigh between 81-86 lbs.

Residential Conforming Boiler
The Inferno H.E. Boiler is available in Propane or Natural Gas. All the connections on the boiler are located for easy access, which assists in the installation process. All components and wires are marked for easy maintenance and service. This series comes with several mounting configurations saving time and floor space. The H.E. Boiler also vents with any conventional plastic piping. This particular boiler has a special combustion system that will modulate the burner to the exact size required. The electronic combustion system reduces the amount of gas that is injected into the burner, ensuring proper combustion throughout modulation. The air is also drawn from outside, which eliminates the need for fresh air intake into the room, which will decrease heating costs.

Residential High Efficiency Gas Boiler
The Inferno Fierce GAS Boiler was designed with almost 30% more cast iron then any other competitive boiler in its class. It consists of extra deep 2 ¾" sections which increase the boiler’s water content and its total water surface. The new design features, aid in the heat transfer and heat retention, and increase the efficiency rate to over 84%. All of the components are built within the Inferno Fierce GAS Boiler. The boiler was built to make the service of the boiler as easy as possible. This particular boiler is also designed to be vented through an outside wall, making it easy to convert electrically heated buildings that have no chimney. However, it can still be vented with your typical gas water heater into the traditional masonry chimney.