Commerical Afterburner Boiler
The Inferno Afterburner Series boilers and water heaters offer the highest thermal efficiency available in atmospheric combustion today and is the only product in its size range, which uses 7/8" inside diameter, and finned copper tubes in the heat exchanger.

Commercial Fury Boiler
The Inferno Fury Series boiler is the perfect application for low operating, return, or make-up water temperatures. The Fury is capable of reaching efficiencies as high as 98% at full input, unlike most boilers which have the highest efficiencies at the lowest input. The modulation firing system adjust energy input to match heating load, without over firing and wasting fuel, providing extremely high part-load efficiencies.

Commercial ICB Boiler
The Inferno ICB Series boilers and domestic water heaters provide non-condensing thermal efficiencies of 85%. All sizes from 500 to 1,950 MBH are fully packaged and fit through a standard 30" doorway for quick and easy installation. The Inferno ICB provides a high concentration of BTU's in a small footprint, making it an excellent choice for jobs where mechanical space is limited, as well as modular step-fired applications.

Commercial ICB Ultra Boiler
The gas-fired Inferno ICB Ultra brings the field-proven performance of Inferno ICB Ultra series of boilers and water heaters to even higher levels of efficiency and reliability. Featuring full modulation with 3:1 turndown, the Inferno ICB Ultra supplies the precise amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without over-firing and wasting energy. These dependable, easy-to-service boilers feature rugged construction and sleek, stainless steel jacket design. Models range from 500-2000 MBH.

Commercial Force Boiler
The Inferno Force Series from A.I.M. offers the ultimate flexibility in boiler and water heater application at a competitive price. Efficiencies of 85.1% are among the highest available in non-condensing boiler and water heater designs. The Inferno Force incorporates all the latest technological advances that engineers, contractors, and building owners look for when specifying boilers and water heaters. Where mechanical space is limited the Force's stackable frame option allows units to be stacked two-high, adding valuable BTU's while keeping the footprint to the size of a single unit.

Commercial Ultra Force Boiler
Inferno Ultra Force Series from A.I.M. offers a competitively priced indoor/outdoor unit that meets the low NOx requirement, while maintaining superior performance and serviceability. The Ultra Force provides dependable performance in rugged environments and process applications, with a wide 225 - 2300 MBH range. Where mechanical space is limited the Dominator's stackable frame option allows units to be stacked two-high, adding valuable BTU's while keeping the footprint to the size of a single unit.

Commercial Blaze Boiler
The A.I.M. Inferno Blaze atmospheric combustion units of 81% efficiency and are also on the easiest to service and install, and at the same time extremely durable. This particular boiler can meet the needs of the most difficult applications, ranging from car washes to office buildings. Important components like the heat exchanger and burner are able to slide out for easy maintenance. All of the major components can be inspected or removed without disturbing boiler casing or breaching.

Commercial Ultra Blaze Boiler
Inferno Ultra Blaze Series domestic hot water heaters and boilers provide reliable, efficient operation in a wide variety of commercial applications. Hot water heaters are ideal for applications with load diversity such as apartments/condominiums. The Ultra Blaze is also suitable for hotels, schools, hospitals, laundries and car washes - wherever a large volume of hot water is needed.

Commercial Crossfire Series
The Inferno Crossfire series boilers are ideal for commercial or large residential applications including apartment complexes, institutional buildings, office buildings, schools, and buildings with radiant heating systems, water source heat pumps and snow melt. Units adapt to changes in operating environments while retaining high combustion efficiency with a minimum of moving parts. Extremely tolerant design allows application flexibility to a large range of closed loop systems.